Plug n Play Stereo Upgrade Solution

Dimension Audio sets itself apart from other brands that provide third-party sound systems is that its products utilise the existing audio infrastructure of your car, without having to drill new holes, cut wires or modify your car in any way. How is this possible? All the  DSP amplifiers utilise a harness system that matches what is already present inside your car.


Basically, there are harnesses that match the different setups in each make and model – a BMW will have a matching BMW harness, a Mercedes will have a matching Mercedes harness, etc. Each harness is specifically made to match specific models.  There is no wire cutting , stripping of your car and long downtime.  


It is pure harness to harness connection when you install  Plug and play amplifier.  Another beauty of it , they are small in size which make installation much easier.




Harness Connection from original radio to Plug n Play

amplifier . No wire cutting. 



Plug and Play amplifers have a small footprint.  No more

Installation woes.                                            





Below are the plug and play DSP amplifers available : 



Ground Zero GZDSP 4.60ISO






It equips with 8-channel Cirrus Logic single core 32-bit/192 kHz Signal processor (DSP). It has optical input that has 24-bit/96kHzfor Hi Res audio.  It has 4 channels that has 40W RMS power output.  Furthermore, it has 4 channels pre-out for future upgrade like subwoofer or 2 way or 3-way active setup.  It has comprehensive tuning software that allows to tailor taste of the music to customers


Features and Specs

 - 4-channel ISO Plug & Play amplifier with integrated signal processor (DSP)

- For vehicles with ISO connectors (without active OEM sound system)
- 4-channel high-level input (via ISO harness with auto-on function)
- 4-channel line output (RCA)
- AUX input (RCA)
- TOSLINK input (sampling rate up to 24-bit/96kHz)
- Plug for optional wireless interface (for music streaming)
- 8-channel signal processor (DSP) - Cirrus Logic single core 32-bit/192 kHz
- Realtime setup of all functions (via PC)
- Simple handling one-page graphical user interface (Windows compatible)
- Channel separated parametric equalizer (6x 31 band / 2x 11band)
- Channel separated time alignment (0-15 ms / 0-510 cm)
- Adjustable crossover (HPF / LPF / BPF) in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Selectable crossover slope (6 to 48 dB/Oct)
- Selectable phase shift for each channel (0˚ or 180°)

 - Size: 18,5 x 4,2 x 13,2 cm





Boga P1




Boga P1 is a high quality 4 channel DSP amplifier from Korea. It is Class AB amplifier with 45 RMS power output.  It has USB input for mobile devices and media device. The USB input supports Hi RES audio up t0 24 bits / 192khz.  It has 5 band parametric EQ and time alignment that gives good sound stage to the stock system.



Features and Specs

 - Very compact and sleek design, made simple and easy to install, hides easily underneath the car seat

- Size: W 14.5cm x D 12cm x H 3.6cm

- Embedded high-quality audio DAC by Burr-Brown and X-MOS digital audio interface. This enables the use of smart devices such as iPhone and Android phones

- Used as a sound source unit with High-Resolution 24bit Audio 96kHz to 192kHz such as FLAC audio format

- Improves the sound quality and output power of the OEM head unit and AUX navigation device

- Accessible to Hi-Res audio files from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music on your smartphone conveniently and be well on your way to enjoy your new and improved lifestyle of listening to music in your car hassle-free

- Offers a connector to connector cable so there is no need to cut OEM cables, installation time reduced dramatically and good news for people who worry about manufacturer warranty void

- Provides a setting program where you can access to settings easily - time delay, equalizer (10 bands and 3 different inputs) with DSP function and pre-sets by the manufacturer

 - Provides a setting program where you can access to settings easily - time delay, equalizer (10 bands and 3 different inputs) with DSP function and pre-sets by the manufacturer 



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 The powerhouse within the MATCH series for individual system concepts – not less than eight amplifier channels and even nine separate DSP channels make this extremely powerful Plug & Play amplifier to a sound virtuoso for the expansion of OEM sound systems. It has 8 channels output at 55W rms. 

The "heart" of the PP 86DSP is a 64-Bit DSP of the latest generation with enormous processing power and ultimate sound optimization opportunities. The package is complemented by Audiotec Fischers proprietary Class HD technology which combines maximum efficiency with minimum space requirements.

PP 86DSP is as well equipped with a MATCH Extension Card slot. This allows adding further interfaces like a Bluetooth® Audio Streaming module or a High-Resolution Audio USB soundcard.

Thanks to the professional and user-friendly DSP PC-Tool V4 software with its bunch of new functions an individual sound setup becomes straightforward and intuitive


Features and Specs

 ·          8 Channel: 8 x 55 RMS at 4 Ohms

  • ·         High-performance 8-channel Class HD amplifier with integrated 9-channel 64 Bit DSP
  • ·         MATCH Extension Card slot (MEC) for additional input / output modules like Bluetooth®   Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • ·         Smart 6-channel highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection)
  • ·         Adjustable input sensitivity from 5 to 11 Volts
  • ·         Start-stop capable down to 6 Volts supply voltage
  • ·         Optical input in SPDIF format with sampling rates between 12 and 96 kHz
  • ·         Auto Remote switch for activating / deactivating the automatic turn-on feature via the highlevel inputs
  • ·         Dual mono RCA output for the connection of an external amplifier e.g. subwoofer amplifier
  • ·         Easy installation via included Plug & Play connection cable


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