Plug n Play Stereo Upgrades

When comes to upgrading new car stereo , new car owners are worried about the voiding their car's warranty by upgrading their unacceptable stock sound system. This is where Dimension Audio comes in . We are the Plug n Play Stereo Upgrade Specialist for the new cars . 


 In our upgrading process,  no wires are cut or tapped at the car radio unit . How we do that ? We have the factory harness from BMW, Audi , Mercedes , Toyota , Subaru and more . The connections between the our amplifier to the original headunit is through harnesses as pictured below.



There is no cutting and tapping of wires . With this type of harness connection , there won't be noise interference  after installation. Most importantly , all original car functions work as per normal. 


We have several plug and play solutions from Ground Zero , MATCH  and Boga . Each of the solutions are catered for different drivers needs and expection.